Using PhoneGap 3.0

PhoneGapSo today I have started experimenting with PhoneGap 3.0!

Initially I was a little hesitant in using the command line to get it up and running and also the new way to add platforms to the project, however after a few minutes I was pleasantly surprised!

Everything about the PhoneGap 3.0 just seems to make sense, from using Node.js to install it and upgrading, to have a single folder structure to house different platform versions.

Currently I have folders all over the place for the same projects one for iOS, one for Android ect. Now it just all sits under the one project folder.

One thing that I have found will need a little getting used to is editing HTML files. Traditionally I would edit them in XCode inside the project but now I need to remember to copy these changes to the parent html file otherwise they changes will be overwritten when I rebuild the project.

All in all though I did managed quite easily to get one of my existing enterprise apps up and running on iOS andAandroid, as well as a new enterprise app on iOS.

I am looking forward to seeing more improvements with PhoneGap and the upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1

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